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Capital PRAIA
Moeda Escudo capoverdiano ( CV esc)
Código do país 00238
Línguas faladas Portuguese

Passport: needed. For any changes to this rule, we recommend that you inquire beforehand at the Embassy or Consulate of the country present in Italy or at your travel agent.


The health situation is that of a developing country, but with lower incidence of certain infectious diseases. Healthcare facilities are present only in the main islands (Santiago, Sao Vicente), while with regard to the other islands are only structures at the level of first aid for outpatient treatment. For health problems to a certain extent we recommend the immediate repatriation. We recommend that you take out before embarking on the trip, health insurance that includes in addition to coverage of medical expenses, even if air emergency medical repatriation or transfer in any other country. In the months from July to December on the island of Santiago are possible outbreaks of malaria (disease transmitted by the bite of mosquitoes).It is therefore recommended that you adopt, while staying in the country, preventive measures against mosquito bites shown under the heading "FOCUS" on the home page of this site. WARNINGS We recommend that you: -After consulting a doctor, vaccination against hepatitis A and B (Government websites also recommend yellow fever and typhus); -to drink only bottled mineral water without addition of ice; -not to eat raw vegetables; -to carry specific medicinal products frequently use, as there is a real risk that the drugs found in the spot you have counterfeit.


The dry season runs from November to July (season winds) while the wet season lasts from August to October. The rainfall of the Islands is irregular but sometimes very intense. The average annual temperature is around 24° c.


Licence Recommended international driving licence (Geneva Convention 1949 model). Transportation: 1,100 km of roads, paved with flagstones of 858 stones. Major ports Praia and San Vincente. The other islands are all served by marinas where you can moor small boats. Airports: eight including four international (Praia, Sal, Boa Vista and s. Vicente) Links with Europe: flights are provided by the following airlines: the TACV (Transportes Aereo de Cabo Verde) with five weekly flights to Portugal, a weekly flight to the Netherlands, Paris, Madrid, Munich; TAP (Transporte Aereo de Portugal), with five weekly flights to Portugal; The NEOS, with several weekly charter flights to tour operators. TUI to and from United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany.

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