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Moeda Franco CFA
Código do país 00237
Línguas faladas French and English

Passport: needed. For any changes related to the survival of the Passport you should request to be informed beforehand at the Embassy or Consulate of the country present in Italy or at your travel agent.


Hospitals in the most important centers of the country (Yaoundé, Douala, Garoua) are sufficiently equipped for routine and interventions for the treatment of tropical diseases, while in smaller resorts healthcare facilities are absolutely inadequate, private ones are not sufficient. The availability of medicines is good. We do not recommend in any case to undergo surgery on the spot. We recommend that you take out before undertaking the journey, providing health insurance in addition to coverage of medical expenses, even the eventual repatriation medical air or transfer in another Country. The country is classified as zone 3 high-risk malarial. You should, after consulting a doctor, anti-malarial drugs before departure and after return to Italy. Also recommended after consulting medical vaccinations against typhoid, hepatitis: A and b. HIV seropositivity rate of 5.5% is officially and exceeds the 50% risk environments (prostitution and drug addiction). Warnings We recommend that you: -Avoid uncooked, untreated vegetables; -drink bottled water without the addition of ice; -consume, incidentals, poultry meat and eggs only if well cooked and to avoid any form of direct contact with birds and poultry (in March 2006 there was a case of bird flu on a farm in the North of the country)


Tropical climate in the South and Centre, with high humidity and heavy rainfall except for the dry season (November-February). Climate more arid north. Douala: average yearly temperature 26.4° c (average in January, averaging 24.8° in July 27.3°). 4004 mm annual precipitation, rainy days 208. Yaoundé: 23.5° temperature annual average (average in January, averaging 22.2° in July 24.6°). 1456 mm annual precipitation, rainy days 138. Maroua: average yearly temperature 28.8° c (average in January, averaging 26.6° in July 33.3°). 850 mm annual precipitation, rainy days 68.


Licence International (Geneva Convention 1949 model or Vienna 1968). Car insurance RC mandatory Customs documents for vehicles imported temporarily Carnet customs passage needed. Transportation: avoid circular overnight and take extra care in the transfer on the road axis-Douala, Yaoundé, for the presence of numerous media accidented fermi on the road and lack of adequate reporting systems. The railway network is 1104 miles. Douala and Yaoundé and connects with the North of the country. Network maintenance is poor. Frequent theft of luggage of passengers. You are experiencing an increase of travellers on the sleeper, in Yaoundé-Ngaunderè, due to the lack of reliability of flight times. Safety on board is good and guaranteed by the police, who oversees each sleeping car. International airports are in Yaoundé, Douala and Garoua. Links with Europe are insured by Airfrance, Brussel, Ethiopian Airways, Royal Air Maroc and Kenya Airways. There are no direct connections with Italy. Domestic flights are operated by local companies, with poor reliability as regards safety and maintenance of aircraft.

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