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Cambodia, officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia, is a country located in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. With a total landmass of 181,035 square kilometres (69,898 sq mi), it is bordered by Thailand to the northwest, Laos to the northeast, Vietnam to the east, and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest. With a population of over 14.8 million, Cambodia is the 69th most populous country in the world. The official religion is Theravada Buddhism which is practiced by around 95% of the Cambodian population. The country minority groups include Vietnamese, Chinese, Chams and 30 various hill tribes. The capital and largest city is Phnom Penh; the political, economical, and cultural center of Cambodia. The kingdom is a constitutional monarchy with Norodom Sihamoni, a monarch chosen by the Royal Throne Council, as head of state. The head of government is Hun Sen, who is currently the longest serving leader in South East Asia and has ruled Cambodia for over 25 years. In 802 AD Jayavarman II declared himself king which marked the beginning of the Khmer Empire. Successive kings flourished which marked the Khmer empire's immense power and wealth who dominate much of South East Asia for over 600 years. Cambodia was ruled as a vassal between its neighbors, until it was colonized by the French in mid-19th century. Cambodia gained independence in 1953. The Vietnam War extended into Cambodia, giving rise to the Khmer Rouge, which took Phnom Penh in 1975. Cambodia reemerged several years later within a socialistic sphere of influence as the People's Republic of Kampuchea until 1993. After years of isolation, the war-ravaged nation was reunited under the monarchy in 1993. Rebuilding from decades of civil war, Cambodia has seen rapid progress in the economic and human resource areas. The country has had one of the best economic records in Asia, with economic growth growing an average 6.0% for the last 10 years. Strong textiles, agriculture, construction, garments, and tourism sectors led to foreign investments and international trade. In 2005, oil and natural gas deposits were found beneath Cambodia's territorial waters, and once commercial extraction begins in 2013, the oil revenues could profoundly affect Cambodia's economy. However the majority of Cambodians are not beneficiaries of economic growth because wealth is spread very unevenly, as a result of the prevalence of massive government corruption. According to Transparency International Cambodia is the third most corrupt nation in Asia, ahead of only North Korea and Myanmar, and ranked 164 out of 182 in the world.
Currency Riel (KHR)
Country code 00855 (0)23
Spoken languages ​​ khmer

Passport: needed with survival of at least six months from the date of entry into the country. . For any changes related to the survival of the Passport you should request to be informed beforehand at the Embassy or Consulate of the country if they are present in Italy or at your travel agent. During your stay you should always carry notarized photocopy of your Passport. To limit the risk of lost or stolen passports and airline ticket – also widespread – we recommend leaving the ' original travel documents in safe place.


The health facilities are not comparable to standard Italian; It is recommended, therefore, to proceed to the hospital only for small medical problems or to provide support for an immediate repatriation of sick or air transfer in other country. The absence of health facilities, the difficulties for emergency repatriation and poor sanitation cause not only at full attention, but make it inadvisable to visit all those who do not enjoy optimal health. Responsible for on-site assistance to Italian citizens in case of emergencies is the Embassy of France in the capital: It is recommended to travel having subscribed to an insurance policy with adequate ceiling covering housing expenses and for possible repatriation of sick or air transfer in other country. WARNINGS Based on the news of who (World Health Organisation) concerning Cambodia, it should be noted that in the country there are some diseases typical of Asian area, including malaria such as p. falciparum (excluding the city of Phnom Penh) and dengue. It is therefore recommended that you adopt, while staying in the country, preventive measures against mosquito bites shown under the heading "FOCUS" on the home page of this site, as well as consult your own ASL for prophylaxis Widespread are also HIV/AIDS. The last human case of bird flu (H5N1) was reported in April 2010, in the province of Prey Veng. Human cases recorded so far, 10 of which are 8 deaths. Local authorities continue to take preventive measures and controls against the spread of the epidemic. The countrymen who wish to travel to Cambodia is advised, incidentals, consuming meat and birds ' eggs and poultry only if well cooked and to avoid any form of direct contact with poultry and birds live or dead. For further instructions please see the brochure "avian influenza: risk, information and preventive measures" to FOCUS on the home page of this site. We recommend that you: -adopt the highest sanitation precautions; -don't drink running water; -Choose foods carefully; -avoid drinking beverages with ice, except in places that ensure adequate hygienic conditions.


Hot humid tropical monsoonal, with heavy rains during the period August-October and temperatures more moderate during the period November-March.


Licence Local legislation requires, in order to ride on Cambodian territory, the conversion of international licence licence issued by Cambodian authorities. This conversion will cost around US $ 25. Transport Most of the roads in Cambodia was held in poor conditions, vehicles often have no lights and it's messy and chaotic in the major cities. By air: airport charges are now included in the airfare, for both domestic and international routes do not have more then pay on departure Domestic airlines do not provide adequate safety standards. It should be noted in this respect that-from November 14, 2008-Siem Reap Airways company was included in the list of air carriers subject to an operating ban within the EU (so-called blacklist: More information on airlines can be found on the website The Siem Reap Airways does not operate in Cambodia. the local company is called now Cambodia Angkor Air and should be verified whether the ICAO has already classified or not. It's an airline planes new and with Viet Nam's management Airlines

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