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Capital Porto Novo
Moeda Franco CFA
Código do país 00229
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Passport: needed. For any changes related to the survival of the Passport you should request to be informed beforehand at the Embassy or Consulate of the country present in Italy or at your travel agent.


Local health facilities are inadequate and has limited the availability of medicines. We recommend therefore to travelling with a stock of medicines for common ailments and for any special needs. The situation regarding health is in the regional media. There is still the risk of infection by HIV/AIDS. In addition, during the rainy season, there are malaria and cholera. For information about recommended immunizations and prophylaxis are suggested to contact their international vaccination centres of ASL.


In terms of climate, the country is divided into a strip next to oceanic coast characterized by a tropical climate and a Northern belt with a Sahel climate. Temperatures are high in the North throughout the year with maximum values of around 45 degrees and lows between 18 degrees with low humidity; to the South there are highs of 32 degrees and lows of 23 degrees with high humidity. It is much lower in the North. The dry season associated with the phenomenon of Saharan wind said harmattan, has a duration of two to three months (December to February), while in the North it starts sometimes in October and lasts until March-April.


Licence International (model 1949 Geneva Convention or Vienna 1968). Car insurance It's mandatory insurance for damage to third parties, to be paid on the spot, or according to the signs of their insurance company. Documents for vehicles imported temporarily The carnet is required by Customs passage for vehicles imported temporarily. Means of transport In general we do not recommend the use of public transport, but it is preferable to use rental cars with driver companies note the major travel companies. The roads are not always good, but relatively passable along the coast and on two North-South routes. The major routes of communication are the coastal road RNIE1, from the border with Togo to the border with Nigeria, and two North-South routes, from RNIE2 to Malanville and Cotonou, Porto Novo, RN3 in Ketou. Are frequent checkpoints of local police authorities and it is necessary therefore to travelling with all required documentation.

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