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is a doubly landlocked country in Central Asia and one of the six independent Turkic states. It shares borders with Kazakhstan to the west and to the north, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to the east, and Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to the south. Before 1991, it was part of the Soviet Union. Uzbekistan is an observing member of the Turkic Council. Once part of the Persian Samanid and later Timurid empires, the region was conquered in the early 16th century by Uzbek nomads, who spoke an Eastern Turkic language. Most of Uzbekistan’s population today belong to the Uzbek ethnic group and speak the Uzbek language, one of the family of Turkic languages. Uzbekistan was incorporated into the Russian Empire in the 19th century and in 1924 became a constituent republic of the Soviet Union, known as the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic (Uzbek SSR). It has been an independent republic since December 1991. Uzbekistan's economy relies mainly on commodity production, including cotton, gold, uranium, potassium, and natural gas. Despite the declared objective of transition to a market economy, Uzbekistan continues to maintain rigid economic controls, which often repel foreign investors. The policy of gradual, strictly controlled transition has nevertheless produced beneficial results in the form of economic recovery after 1995. Uzbekistan's domestic policies on human rights and individual freedoms are often criticised by international organizations.

Currency Sum
Country code 00998
Spoken languages ​​ Uzbek, Russian

necessary, with residual validity of six months beyond the expiry of the visa. For any changes related to survival request you should inquire in advance at the Embassy or Consulate of the country present in Italy and/or at your travel agent.


The qualitative and quantitative level of local structures in the capital, just satisfying occurs elsewhere well below the European average. In Tashkent there are a little "clinic" and some private clinic. Hospitals are found many shortcomings. The most specific medicinal products is not available in local pharmacies and it is often very difficult to assess the characteristics and compatibility of those available. You may want to bring along an adequate supply of medicines needed to respond to the emergence of gastro-intestinal disorders. Between preventive vaccinations are recommended after medical opinion, those against: typhoid fever, paratyphoid, tetanus, hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, rabies and meningitis. Warnings We strongly recommend that you take out medical insurance that includes also any urgent medical repatriation. It required careful compliance with sanitation standards such as: -avoid raw foods; -drink only bottled water. -do not add ice in drinks.


The Uzbekistan's climate is mainly continental, cold in the winter (in January the temperature often drops below freezing), and very hot in summer (in July can reach 46 degrees Celsius).


Driving Licence: International driving licence model Vienna Convention 1968 Transport in General: the rail service can be subject to discontinuities; There are improvements in links between flights Tashkent-Samarkand-Bukhara. It is advisable to use car rental with driver, easily available and good market conditions also for travelling from one city to another. The refueling stations are not very widespread in the territory and, above all, a foreigner may be difficult to find. Mechanical assistance centers are rare and poorly supplied with spare parts. Sometimes information can be extremely difficult for those unfamiliar with the local languages. Such obstacles are nevertheless easily overcome if recourse is had to a local driver. Airlines, which were mainly Soviet-made aircraft, began to replace the aircraft with newer models. A serious plane crash occurred in February 2004. Italy: links Uzbekistan Airways operates the airline, once or twice a week, the connections with Rome and Milan. The frequency of these connections varies depending on time of year

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