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Moeda Scellino somalo - SOS
Código do país 00252
Línguas faladas Somali, Arabic

necessary, valid. For any changes to this rule, we recommend that you inquire beforehand at the Embassy or Consulate of the country present in Italy or at your travel agent.


Hygienic-sanitary conditions are very precarious due to a lack of vaccinations against the most common diseases. Many endemic diseases plaguing the country and particularly the risk of contracting malaria is present everywhere. Clorochino strains have been reported-resistant malaria; We recommend, therefore, its prophylaxis. There is a high risk of contracting gastro-intestinal diseases. There have been reported cases of cholera, meningitis, poliomyelitis, tuberculosis and HIV. Warnings: We recommend, after consulting a doctor, vaccinations against: polio, typhoid, hepatitis A and B, tetanus, yellow fever, malaria and diphtheria. Particular attention should be given to water, which should always be boiled and purified. Avoid raw foods, thoroughly wash and disinfect vegetables and fruits, do not add ice in drinks. The emergency sanitary repatriations are carried out exclusively or after specific insurance policy with insurance companies, AMREF Flying Doctors, AAR, etc. We recommend that you take out, before embarking on your trip, health insurance include, in addition to the coverage of medical costs, including any return air health or transfer in any other country.


Semi-arid climate. The December-February period is characterized by the northeastern monsoons involving moderate temperatures in the North and hot in the South of the country. The period from May-October is characterized by South-Western monsoons that cause a torrid temperatures in the North and hot in the South of the country with irregular rainfall. The period between the monsoon is marked by a hot-humid climate.


Documents for vehicles imported temporarily It is necessary the Customs passage booklet; Links with Europe Transportation: transportation: land, transport is very limited and the lack of infrastructure, and the insecurity of paths when you must pass through several areas of the country that are controlled by tribal clan conflict with each other. Transport by air are insured by humanitarian flights such as ECHO, UNCAS (charges apply) and domestic commercial flights (not always recommended for the precariousness of the aircraft). A bi-weekly link between Addis Ababa and Hargheisa (Somaliland) is carried out by Ethiopian Airlines. In Europe there are no direct links. Possible connections via Djibouti, Dubai and Nairobi.

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