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is a landlocked country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, covering the southern part of the Carpathian basin and the central part of the Balkans. Serbia borders Hungary to the north; Romania and Bulgaria to the east; the Republic of Macedonia to the south; and Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro to the west; additionally, it borders Albania through Kosovo, whose status as part of Serbia is disputed. The country has just over 7.1 million inhabitants, with its capital, Belgrade, being among the largest cities in Southeast Europe. After the arrival of the Serbs in the Balkans in the 7th century, several medieval states were formed, which evolved into the Serbian Empire in the 14th century. By the 16th century, Serbia was conquered and occupied by the Ottoman Empire, at times interrupted by the Habsburgs. In the early 19th century the Serbian revolution re-established the country as the region's first constitutional monarchy, which subsequently expanded its territory and pioneered the abolition of feudalism in the Balkans. The former Habsburg crownland of Vojvodina united with Serbia in 1918. Following World War I, Serbia formed Yugoslavia with other South Slavic peoples which existed in several forms up until 2006, when Serbia regained its independence. In February 2008 the parliament of UNMIK-governed Kosovo, Serbia's southern province, declared independence, with mixed responses from international governments.

Currency Dinaro serbo (RSD)
Country code 00381
Spoken languages ​​ Serbian

starting from June 12, 2010, all citizens of EU Member Countries, can travel in the Republic of Serbia also using only valid identity card needed for border crossing, and not just the passport, for a period of stay not exceeding 90 days. For entry into Kosovo is required on valid passport with a maturity exceeding six months. Please note that for periods of stay exceeding the 90 days-you must use a valid travel document for travel abroad, so you can apply for a temporary residence permit. For any changes related to the survival of the Passport request, you may want to inquire in advance at the Embassy or Consulate of the country present in Italy or at your travel agent.


The preparation of medical staff and health care is generally of a good standard. With limited exceptions, medical facilities are, however, lacking in equipment, the availability of medicinal products and service; in pharmacies, however, is increasing the availability of medicines. For those who need special medicines are advised to guard a supply adequate before entering the country. Please note that payment of any medical care is required in cash. There were no recent outbreaks of trechinosi, linked to the consumption of pigmeat (smoked sausages in particular) slaughtered in slaughterhouses, without the required veterinary checks. Were reported, AIDS cases. Finally, we recommend that you take out before embarking on a journey that includes health insurance, in addition to the coverage of medical costs, including any return air health or transfer in any other country.


Are present in the country three mobile networks, Telenor, Telekom and Vip. Phones work well in all large and medium-sized cities and along highways, while inside the country there are still some areas that are not covered.


Typically continental, with hot summers and frequent snowfall during the winter months. Are frequent frosts that make it appropriate for the utmost caution on road traffic.


Licence: the Italian is valid Documents for vehicles: the "green card" is recognized throughout the territory of Serbia. We recommend to fellow countrymen to check before departure that the form of the "green card" in their possession is valid also for Serbia (check the box for this Country is not ticked). Minimum mandatory insurance: insurance R.C. is mandatory for all motor vehicles. The minimum guarantee for accident is established by law: $ US 100,000 to private car or motorcycle; $ US 200,000 middle heavy or coach. If there are more damaged, the minimum guarantee is doubled. Any motor vehicle registered abroad shall be covered by insurance R.C. for the duration of your stay. The minimum guarantee is the same as for residents. Delegation to conduct: Remember those driving abroad, a car that is not advisable to have a delegation to conduct of the owner with a notary certified signature at Driving rules Safety belts: obligation to wear them on both the front seats that back if the vehicle is equipped. A child under 12 years cannot travel in the front seat. Helmet for motorcyclists: mandatory also for mopeds Lights: mandatory for all motor vehicles day on roads. Triangle: mandatory aboard all four-wheeled vehicles. A vehicle with trailer should have 2, as well as the last vehicle in a convoy. Fire extinguisher: not required Reflective jacket: compulsory First-aid box: mandatory for everyone (except motor cycles) Required to have on board a trawl rope between 3 and 5 m, or a bar of three meters. Winter equipment From 1 November to 1 April is mandatory winter equipment: allowed the use of winter tires (4 mm minimum tread thickness), allowed are snow chains on snow or ice, prohibited the use of studded tires. BAC: a person is considered to be under the influence of alcohol if the rate of alcohol in the blood is 0.03% or more, or if a medical examination reveals abnormal functions regardless of BAC in the blood. The limit is 0% for professional drivers. Test: anyone who is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol shall submit to a test or a medical examination. The penalty may be imprisonment, a fine or suspension of the licence. Motorways: tolls can be paid in local currency or in euro. The main credit cards are accepted There is a system of electronic fee collection on pèagamento part of the E75. It is a prepayment system whereby the driver buys a credit and the toll is scaled to transition to a barrier. Electronic tolls must be placed inside of windshield and can be removed when not used however. These badges are available at the AMSS: at Batrovci border Office, the headquarters of the Club in Belgrade and in its Regional Office of Ruma.

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