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Moeda Rupia - SCR
Código do país 00248
Línguas faladas English, French

necessary. In addition to the Passport you must be in possession of a round-trip ticket, indispensable condition for entry into the country. The entry into the country is affixed a stamp in their passport which indicated the duration of stay, which may not exceed 30 days ever. In case of extension of stay, you can contact exclusively competent offices for immigration. Failure to comply with the expiry of the stay may result in expulsion from the country. For any changes to this rule, we recommend that you inquire beforehand at the Embassy or Consulate of the country present in Italy or at your travel agent.


Hospitals provide care specialist usually does not. Are not reported high-risk areas from a health point of view. Malaria and other tropical diseases in Seychelles is unknown. In 2006, the archipelago has been affected by an epidemic chikunguniya fever that has strongly affected the islands of the Indian Ocean. Health authorities response was immediate and spread much more contained than in other island States. It is recommended, however, the use of preventive measures (wearing clothing that covers your arms and legs, sleeping in rooms equipped with mosquito nets or air conditioning, making use of insect repellents, etc.), especially during the rainy season. There are no particular risks. The incidence of cases of HIV is low throughout the country. For urgent transfers of patients it is recalled that the Mahé international airport is connected with the Europe daily, several times a week with Nairobi and other locations in Africa and Asia. Emergency transportation to the Islands closer to Mahé can be made by helicopter while the outer-islands-we arrange further flights with small private planes, if the destination has airstrip. For the more distant islands, Aldabra and Cosmoledo, such carriage shall be partly by sea. Because of the high cost of air transport or helicopter is advised, before embarking on the journey of health insurance to include, in addition to medical expenses, even the eventual repatriation and/or transfer of emergency in other country.


The temperature is constant throughout the year with 28 degrees or so. There is a strong degree of humidity which hardly drops below 70%. The rainy season, normally from November to March, can undergo changes during the period and duration.


Driving Licence: Italiana. Driving rules: Drive on the left.

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