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Capital MAPUTO
Moeda Metical -plurale Meticais- (MZM)
Código do país 00258
Línguas faladas Portuguese

necessary, with residual validity of at least six months. It is imperative that your Passport has at least two blank pages.


The precarious hygienic-sanitary conditions have suffered a moderate improvement in the capital. State health facilities and in particular private ones are able to ensure at least the diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases such as malaria. On the whole territory of the country there is malaria clorochinoresistente type. It is suggested, therefore, after consulting a doctor, an anti-malarial at specialized centers did that solely based chloroquine. In any case where might arise a fever or joint pain should undergo a test immediately to search for the "Plasmodium malaria" that can be carried out in Mozambique at any health centre. We recommend within three months following the return to Italy, where these symptoms arise, to attend medical adviser to be returning from a trip to Mozambique. In general, inland, rural areas of the Centre and in the North of the country are endemic to the following diseases: malaria, meningitis and tuberculosis, hepatitis, cholera, dysentery and other gastrointestinal diseases. It is important, moreover, the problem of Aids. Some private health facilities, albeit very expensive prices, are able to provide medical evacuation in South Africa, where there are facilities suitable to perform the most important health interventions. We recommend that you take out before embarking on the trip, an insurance policy that provides adequate, in addition to medical expenses also possible emergency repatriation or transfer of the sick in another country. Warning: to prevent the majority of health risks, it is sufficient to observe the common rules of hygiene recommendations in each country with hot-humid climate. As a general rule of conduct, it is recommended that: -consume preferably cooked vegetables; -Peel and always wash fruits and vegetables with disinfectants; -avoid foods sold on the street; -don't drink running water and consume only bottled drinks sealed avoiding consumption of ice outside of the major hotels in the capital or major tourist facilities which offer sufficient guarantees of hygiene. It is suggested, finally, always subject to medical opinion and especially for an extended stay in the country, the vaccine against cholera, meningitis, typhoid and hepatitis A/B. The ASL Italy international vaccination service can provide all necessary information on the diseases present in the country.


Climatic conditions are those typical of the southern hemisphere: hot humid climate during the rainy season (November to February), hot dry climate (March-May and September-October); cool temperate climate (June – September). The month of July is usually the more cold with sudden temperature dips, especially at night, which can reach 5/8/degrees above zero.


Driving Licence: italiana Insurance: Civil liability to get in. Transport: public transport and private transport are in poor state of maintenance however guarantee travel throughout the Mozambican territory. There is also a railway connection with South Africa to Maputo to Pretoria. It should be noted that Mozambique was officially included in the list of countries whose carriers cannot fly in the EU. Such a measure enters into force on April 21, 2011. The implications are mainly domestic flights to Mozambique Maputo and Johannesburg and vice versa, operated by LAM, the main Mozambican Airline: use these carriers is not recommended to all EU citizens because insurance companies won't even recognize their coverage in case of accidents. It stresses, however, that the Maputo-Lisbon flight is excluded from such measures as performed by a company registered in Portugal (Eurocontinental Airlines). For further reading on this topic, see section FOCUS – AIR SAFETY on the home page of this site. Without prejudice to the freedom of choice to use local companies at your own risk, please note that the Mozambican Airline LAM (Mozambique Airlines) it's pretty expensive as regards internal displacements; in certain days of the week you can get sensitive discounts on airfares. The new Mozambican company Air Corridor, making reassignments internally at competitive prices. Please, however, at the site of the IATA (International Air Transport Association) where are published the lists of airlines that offer guarantees on safety standards. Links with Europe: the links are insured by a few international airlines such as TAP and South African Airways. You can choose from countless airlines departing from Johannesburg South Africa or directly by calling for local travel agencies.

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