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Moeda Dinaro Libico (DL)
Código do país 00218
Línguas faladas arabic

Passport: required, with residual validity of at least six months upon arrival in the country and a whole page. It is not permitted to any other travel document.


medical facilities were inadequate and do not meet EU standards before the revolution and the situation is further worsened by the strong influx of wounded from the front and the departure from the Country of many foreign doctors and nurses. Whenever possible we recommend the evacuation of the patient towards Italy, Tunisia and Malta. It is absolutely essential to subscribe, before leaving, health insurance covering the expenses for a possible transfer of air sick, considering however that medical evacuations from Libya are extremely problematic for the moment. In case of need it is better to contact your embassy or consulate for advice or tips. Despite the presence of numerous pharmacies, many medicines are not available. If you need special medicines must remember to bring them from Italy. It is recommended that you drink only bottled mineral water, making sure that the CAP is properly sealed. Do not add ice in drinks. Is not recommended to eat vegetables raw and unpeeled fruit and molluscs.


Fixed network works but remains weak in new urbanisation, where are the lines. The cellular network covers the towns, outside of which the coverage is poor, while in the desert areas is nothing. Following the revolution, the links between Cyrenaica and Tripolitania work with difficulty. In Cyrenaica Libyana numbers (prefix 092) may be required, also from Libya, only adding the international prefix and a 9 (00218 992 + seven-digit number). Throughout the country, it is very difficult to find new SIM cards while those used are resold at a price between 100 and 200 dollars. They are instead smoothly refills. The international ' roaming ' has not been restored yet. It is therefore possible to use phones with SIM cards. Internet works, both ADSL and WI-MAX network without wire, and you can subscribe to new subscriptions. Work without problems the satellite phones.


along the coast the climate is hot in summer, with temperatures around 30/35° c, while winters are mild, with precipitation concentrated between November and January. Inside the climate is desert-like, with summer highs up to 48-50 degrees, while winters can be very stiff, with night temperatures around zero. In spring can blow for several days the Ghibli (sandy desert wind), raising the temperature on the coast also 10° from the media and can cause inflammation in the eyes and respiratory tract.


Licence: you need the translation into Arabic of the data in Italian

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