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Located in Central Asia, landlocked and mountainous, Kyrgyzstan is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the east. Its capital and largest city is Bishkek. Kyrgyzstan is officially a democratic parliamentary republic. A revolution in April 2010 overthrew the former president Kurmanbek Bakiyev and resulted in the adoption of a new constitution and the appointment of an interim government. Recent presidential elections were held in November 2011. Kyrgyzstan is one of the active members of the Turkic Council and the TÜRKSOY community. The national language, Kyrgyz, is also closely related to the other Turkic languages, with which it shares strong cultural and historical ties. Additionally, Kyrgyzstan is a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Eurasian Economic Community, the Non-aligned movement and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

Capital Bishkek
Currency Som
Country code 00996
Spoken languages ​​ kyrghyzo, Russian

Passport/valid identity card needed for border crossing: you need the passport with residual validity of at least three months from the date of expiry of the requested visa. For any changes related to the survival of the Passport you should request to be informed beforehand at the Embassy or Consulate of the country present in Italy or at your travel agent.


Standards of hospitals are not satisfactory. The problems are frequent retrieval of medicines also municipalities, while the medical staff is competent enough. In any case we suggest travelling with medicine and specialist for diagnosis and treatment of more serious cases, the medical repatriation. However, there are many private clinics provided good local medical equipment and competent specialists.Among the most common diseases include tuberculosis (especially in prisons and closed areas), even though you register also outbreaks of brucellosis, hepatitis, malaria, rabies, meningitis and AIDS cases. However, we recommend that you take out insurance cover to respond to any medical expenses, repatriation or air transfer of the sick in Italy or any other country. Emergency interventions can be complex due to the difficult access to many areas inaccessible features vast areas of the country. If you wish to organize expeditions in the high mountains, which are also incorporated in any work of eli-rescue. Warnings The choice of vaccines for those who travels to Kyrgyzstan depends on the type of journey you intend to make. In general, it is suggested, after consulting a doctor, proceeding to those against hepatitis A and typhoid and recalls against hepatitis B, diphtheria and tetanus, as well as to verify the continued efficacy of vaccinations which are made obligatory and recommended in childhood by the Ministry of health. Always subject to medical opinion in addition, we recommend vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis (and, more generally, adequate protections against insects, like opaque, dresses well and mosquito repellents) for those who plan to go "green" tourism and mountain (prophylaxis requires a few months and in Italy the vaccine may be difficult to find) and the rabies vaccination for those wishing to travel in rural areas. It should be noted that in the Central Asian region, which the Kyrgyzstan part – were also detected anthrax cases, hemorrhagic fever, Crimean Tatars-Congo hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, tick-borne relapsing fever, leishmaniasis, Lyme disease, plague and rickettsiosis, opistorchiasi. Lastly, pay attention to food infections, including, in addition to those already mentioned, cholera, salmonella and e.coli, toxoplasmosis. Pharmacies are quite common, but the staff at the counter can be deprived of adequate medical expertise. As for the food, you should avoid raw foods (with the exception of fruit washed and peeled by the consumer) and to consume only cooked foods served still hot. Unpasteurized milk should always be boiled, while ice can represent a risk. It is also important to make use only of bottled mineral water, without adding ice, both for food and for oral hygiene. It is not recommended to buy food or drink from street vendors. In any case, before the trip, we suggest you contact your doctor or the competent healthcare for more tips.


There are several mobile services both standard GSM CDMA standards. Companies are BEELINE, KATEL, MEGACOM and selling prepaid SIM cards of different amount that can be applied to ordinary mobile phones.


Continental (cold winters and hot summers).


Licence Italiana. Car insurance Insurance company Ingosstrakh are also necessary (frontier insurance in the short term). Transport: Turkish Airlines flies every day of the week, from Bishkek via Istanbul to Rome, Milan, Turin, Venice; Bologna and Naples. Aeroflot offers daily flights to Bishkek via Moscow to Rome, Milan and Venice; the British Midlands airline (BMI) has three weekly flights via Baku and London for Rome and Milan. Flights with Lufthansa via Frankfurt for the main Italian cities and KLM via Amsterdam to major Italian cities leave from Almaty (Kazakhstan) and airlines provide a bus service from Bishkek to Almaty and back (about three hours journey by road).

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