Selva di Val Gardena
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"Meraviglioso incrocio di cultura e natura..."

Classificação: 5 - Excellent Revisado 18 Agosto 2012
La meta ideale per qualsiasi tipo di viaggio... dal divertimento alla cultura, dalla natura alla buona tavola!! Buon viaggio a tutti.
Capital ROME
Moeda euro
Código do país 0039
Línguas faladas italian

A search of the 2000 World Health Organization puts the Italian healthcare system ranked second in the world, after France, in terms of cost efficiency and access to care for citizens.However, only 35.8% of the population declares itself satisfied with the healthcare system and the 42% of inpatient care, while the 79.4% considers unacceptable waiting times in health facilities.


The Italian region (between 47° and the 35th parallel North) is located almost in the center of the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere. The climate is strongly influenced by the surrounding seas almost from each side and which constitute a reservoir of heat and humidity. Determine in the context of the temperate zone, the climate is especially called "temperate Mediterranean".[46] According to the Köppen classification, [47] Italy is divided into three types of climate (temperate cold temperate and cold), further subdivided into microclimates: switching from "subtropical" climate (present in coastal areas of Sardinia, Sicily and Calabria in the South Central and South) to "glacial climate" (typical of the Alps ' highest peaks covered with snow, generally greater than 3,500 shares m s.l.m.).

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