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Dallol depression

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Hanna Bekele
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Dallol depression

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Dallol Depression the hottest places on earth
Danakil Depression or the Afar Triangle is a geological depression, includes Afar Triple Junction, part of the Great Rift Valley, where it overlaps Eritrea, the Afar Region of Ethiopia, and Djibouti. Afar is well known as one of the cradles of hominids, containing the Middle Awash, site of many fossil hominid discoveries such as Ardi.

The Afar Depression is well known as one of the cradles of hominids with the oldest bones discovered in the world, come from this area. Gona site of the world's oldest stone tools and the Hadar site of Lucy, fossilized human specimen. Lucy is estimated to have lived here 3.2 million years ago.

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