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Audio Playce

AUDIOPLAYCE, THE SOCIAL MARKETPLACE FOR GEOLOCALIZED AUDIO GUIDES Online is the web and mobile platform that allows to create, download, buy, listen, upload, sell and share the audio guides for everyone's travel.

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What is Audioplayce

AudioPlayce is the social marketplace for geolocalized audioguides that allows traveling discovering the main tourist attraction and cities, downloading audio guides on the smartphone and interacting with other travellers. AudioPlayce is online with its first web ({link:}{/link}) and mobile releases., Audioplayce means to become the reference channel of distribution for worldwide and multilingual audioguides. At the moment there are almost 3000 points of interest with a related audio guide: from Malaysia to Florence, from Sicily to London, from Bueons Aires to Stockholm.

The concept

Audioplayce was invented in the middle of 2011 from the idea of the young Italian entrepeneur Francesco Uberto who realized the need for a new way of travelling and discovering new places. With AudioPlayce audio guides leave the museums and take the street, the tourist is now lightened without the papery support and able to travel hands‐free just using the smartphone to explore the territory. In AudioPlayce the audio guides are geolocalized and played once next to the point of interest. In this way the tourist is now involved in a multisensory experience while its attention keeps concentrated on the point of interest and at the same time is accompanied and guided by the words, sounds and effects of the audio. Beside this AudioPlayce gives the possibility to everybody to become author and editor of audio guides and the user becomes at the same time content generator.

How it works

‐AudioPlayce is a social website with a very functional and participatory structure. Once selected the destination travelers can organize their itinerary finding the points of interest and choosing the audio guides to download.

‐Users share their travels and organize the audio guides they use into suitcases and take inspiration from the others'. They keep constantly updated about the latest news adding other travelers to their suitcases and including others' suitcases into their own suitcases.

‐Thanks to the rating users are able to value other users audio guides and decide which ones to download or to buy. A badges system awards the users, which download, buy or create more audio guides and realize more itineraries.

‐Through the in‐app purchase the user downloads the audio guides he found and selected before directly on his smartphone. As an alternative users have the possibility to search and download other audio guides. Thanks to geolocalization the points of interest nearby user's location are easily identifiable and correspondent audio guides available.

‐During the trip the tourist gets rid of any book and follows the itinerary just leaving his device in the pocket. Once in correspondence of the point of interest the system automatically starts the geolocalized audio guides. Through a player the user decides when to stop, play o replay the audio guide.

‐Itineraries, maps and audio guides transferred on the smartphone work also when offline.

‐With Audioplayce everybody becomes audio guides author: every user can publish audio file, geolocalize them and then decide whether to distribute them freely or to sell them.

‐Also other audio guides producers such as tourist boards and publishers can create a personal account on Audioplayce and exploit this new and exclusive distribution channel.

The team

Francesco Uberto is the mind of the project. The team working with him is composed by Marco Gafforini, management consultant and entrepreneur with a solid background in the start up field, Ottavio Gamalero, creative of the group and producer of new audio guides and Ilaria Doninelli.

For any further information Ilaria Doninelli, Marketing and Community Manager 39 345 9911510
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